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Wedding photography that keeps you in mind

Trying to choose the right wedding vendor can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it is difficult to navigate the waters. Flowers, tuxedos, dresses, rings, food, and location are just a few that require a lot of time and energy to sort through to determine the best fit. Of all of these decisions, one of the most important ones is determining which, of the many photographers out there, you will trust to capture your wedding day memories.


As an award winning photographer, I make it my goal to provide excellent service, top quality images, and a streamlined process for managing your wedding day. Not only will I assist with orchestrating your day, but I also guarantee your photos will showcase great moments and create memories for years to come.

What I do:


I strive to keep everything about your day as effortless as possible. To help simplify your decision, I include all of the following wedding packages:

  • All of the high-resolution, edited images with printing rights.

  • Attendance of the rehearsal.

  • Engagement photo session.

  • Full day coverage of the wedding and reception.

This is all in addition to providing crisp, clear, well-composed, and artful photographs that tell the story of your day and the beginning of your new adventure together.




  1. While I firmly believe that I am creating artistic images, I also understand that these are your wedding day memories. It is my primary aim to ensure that you have access to them for years to come.

  2. I feel that being personable, approachable, and available is essential to being a part of your big day. For this reason, I like to take the extra time to get to know the key figures and family members with whom I'll be working.

  3. To that same end, I feel that it is extremely important that the couple and their photographer establish rapport and comfort before the wedding day. For this reason, the Engagement Session is included at no additional cost. This time spent together helps the photographer to know what the couple is comfortable with, and the couple to know better how the photographer works, which will help us navigate the wedding day with greater ease.

  4. I realize that the wedding day is full of demands on your time. This resulted in my decision not to limit you to yet another deadline. I'll work with you and your other vendors, doing my best to help make sure that all of your goals for the day are met.


Most importantly, I apply a unique perspective when capturing the story of your wedding day. I blend a photo-journalistic approach with a traditional and technical edge, which ensures that your story is captured in an array of well-composed, bright, and bold images. My background in fine art, design, and fashion, plus over twenty years of experience in photography, provides a great deal of versatility and an eye for detail. This will help make sure that your wedding photos, as well as the event itself, are unique and memorable.

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