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Meet Rob

Columbus Ohio Wedding and Portrait Photographer

   They say "a picture is worth a thousand words".  Even more, it is my opinion that a great photograph is worth an infinite number of emotions.

When I first started dabbling in photography,

I visited my parents in Florida with my Canon Elan II 35 mm camera. One day, during the trip, we visited my grandmother in the assisted living residence where she stayed.  Just to practice, I snapped a photo of Grandma Kesckes. My mother still has that photo in the spare bedroom in their Florida home, where we stay whenever we visit them.


Maybe it's because it reminds her of her obstinate mother and all of the years that they shared, or because of who took the photo. Both

could be true. Regardless of her reason for keeping it there, it serves as a reminder, to me, of the importance of what I do.

Now, with a daughter and step-daughter of my own, I continue to see the value of these memories every day.


Photographs like these help us hold on to, and revisit, the emotions attached to these experiences and people in our lives.  They serve as a connection to our past and all that has been impacted us.

My passion lies in telling a story and capturing memories. This is what drives me: The desire to help preserve memories so that those times and experiences can be revisited in years to come.

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