I was 21 when a good friend made a simple statement that led me to my passion.I think it was the blend of art and technical proficiency that made it just feel right.  Balancing getting the numbers right with getting the aesthetics as close to perfect as possible became a rewarding accomplishment. 

Having started out photographing landscapes and learning Ansel Adams' Zone System for exposure while working for a local camera shop, another seemingly innocent comment led to my next step: Wedding Photography and portraiture. 

Having shot my first wedding in 2001 one because a friend "liked my pictures and needed a photographer for their wedding", I learned that I wouldn't put myself in that situation again without adequate preparation. Several books later, I felt that I'd read enough and progressed enough to try again.

It was 6 years later that yet another innocent instance led to my next level of progress.  A phone call from the co-owner of a local auction house with an offer to help them with their photography developed into an 8 year long career in product photography.  This position came chock full of opportunities to practice and fine tune my technical skills, striving for fast and accurate production, controlling glare, and creating a wide variety of images designed to sell items while displaying them for the prospective collector.

Life has taken me back to fostering my passion for creativity and away from the daily grind of production-style photography.  In any event, it continues to be my goal to capture beauty in the world around me while helping others preserve their memories.

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